Do Not Trust the ASCPA for Pet Insurance

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I got insurance for my dog Jetta about 3 years ago, as piece of mind after hearing from a fiend the cost of keeping her dog alive when he chewed up a toy and had to have surgery. I decided right then I couldn't afford to have a bill like that and would investigate pet insurance for Jetta. I had just recently adopted Jetta from the shelter and it soon became clear to my vet that Jetta had became incontinent due to a bad spaying when the Dr. nicked her bladder. Jetta will need to be on Proin 50 for the rest of her life to control the leaking. When I called ASPCA Pet Insurance and told them, they said there would be no problem, I had the top coverage and it would be covered at the 90% as detailed in the policy. I had nothing to worry about, HA HA HA. That was a joke. Not only was it not covered at the 90%, only a portion was covered, I was told to see the "acceptable rate clause", which DOES NOT DETAIL the actual rates. I was told by one of the reps, they cant publish these rates because they can change.
Then, after a year of actually getting reimbursed at more like 30%, I was told I had a ANOTHER deductible I had to meet before anything would be covered again, the Continuing Care deductible. Would of been very helpful and really just basic customer service for the rep to of walked me thru that at the time of purchase. Additionally, after a year continuing care is NEVER covered at 90%, but now is only eligible for the 80% coverage. So now I spend about 50 bucks a month for coverage, plus the 100$ deductible for the coverage and another 100$ deductible for the continuing care coverage and even at that, they really only cover what they want. The Acceptable Care rates are not published so I actually never know how much of the Proin 50 will be covered, but because this awesome company didn't tell me about this "clause" when I spoke on the phone with them for over an HOUR, BEFORE I bought the policy, I am sort of stuck. Jetta is only getting older and as you will find out the older a dog gets the more expensive coverage is.

Avoid this company, the customer service is pretty awful. The people on the phone are "nice" but the info they give you, which they will only point out if they don't want to pay, is CRAP. Even if they tell you something is covered they, there is another clause (in the small print) that says are not responsible for covering anything, even if you call and ask. What's the point of having customer service if the service they

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Continuing Care
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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