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Our seven and a half year old boy, Bumper, was diagnosed with a nasal angio fibroma. It's a rare aggressive benign nasal tumor, that usually begins on one side of the nasal passage, goes through the bone to the other side and eventually, up into the sinuses and brain. It's difficult to diagnose because there are no symptoms, and when the symptoms to occur, it's pretty advanced. And Bumper's was. He got a bloody nose which led to a CT scan, rhinoscopy, surgical biopsy and the diagnosis. Other than the bloody nose, Bumper hadn't shown any signs of distress. There are only 13 documented cases in dogs so he has the distinction of being number 14. We will begin radiation treatments the first of the year, with hopes of shrinking and killing this tumor. PetPlan has been there since the first vet trip and we are so grateful. We know that this will be an expensive venture and PetPlan has taken that stressful part out of the equation, so we can focus on Bumper's recovery. Thank you PetPlan!

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nasal angio fibroma
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