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This is my second claim with pet plan. The first was a torn ACL. I had pet plan for 8 months. I turned in a claim for approx. $5000. I was reimbursed approx. $3800, of course you have a $200 deductible, then you have to pay the bill in full and then they consider your claim. They are generally quick. Usually receive a check in about 2 weeks. Then if your claim is accepted they reimburse you 80%. I used south paws here in Virginia and the Dr. Did a fantastic job re-egineered her knee bone and put a titanium rod in. She's running around like a little puppy again. Latest was a battle with bloat. If you know anything about bloat you have to get them to a Dr immediately or they will die. I came home from dinner and noticed she couldn't get comfortable and her stomach was over inflated. So ran her to my vet, then emergency vet and then another emergency vet. I retained all three receipts and turned them in. The total cost was approx. $6200. I was reimbursed $4700 (Woodbridge Animal Hospital). They hospital turned her stomach back around and a couple days later she was back at home. Pet plan did what they said they would do. I'm very happy to have them. I can say they are expensive I pay approx. $113 a month, but it has been well worth it (my premiums were much lose when I started). The process for turning in a claim has improved, now you can download there app and turn in the claim that way. It is expensive but the cover everything except pre existing, or if your pet is neglected (check to make sure I didn't miss anything). Thank you Pet Plan!

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Great Dane

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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