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Trupanion TestimonialNov 24th 2015

My 2 ½ year old mini Aussie, Beau, was in an accident July 9th, 2015. As a result of the accident he had multiply fractures in one of his back legs and needed surgery. The surgery went great but then he suffered some major setbacks from complications dealing with medications that made the surgery seem minor. Beau spent close to a month in the hospital. A little over three months later Beau is doing great. He still has a ways to go but he’ll get there.
Trupanion was with me from the moment I called them. Not only was I grateful that I had pet insurance but by the time everything was over with I was very glad that I had Trupanion. I’m not a big fan of insurance companies and I’ve had issues with them in the past but there were no issues with Trupanion. I hear stories all the time of people fighting with their insurance companies, pet, car, home etc. Not one time did Trupanion tell me no. They supported me and made things as easy for me as they could.
While I was waiting to move Beau from my vet’s office to the animal emergence room I contacted Trupanion to let them know what was going on. They had a pre-approval form sent to the emergency room before I even got there. Every time I’d call to make sure something was covered they’d say yes, anything dealing with the injury was covered. And believe me I called a lot.
Invoices were paid promptly and a couple of times they even called the animal hospital inquiring about invoices for me. Some pet insurance companies have a deductible, a limit on how much they will cover a year or per injury or disease. As I watched my bill get higher and higher, around $14,000, I was extremely happy that I went with Trupanion. I had no deductible, their basic policy had no financial limit and they covered 90% of the medical expenses, minus the cost of the office visit.
What the policy did not cover but what their people provided a hundred times over was support, and that is the real key to this company, their people. At the time of Beaus injury I had just started a new job. I was putting in 10 to 12 hours a day sometimes more. Two months before Beau’s injury I had to let go of my 14 year old whippet, Casey. Casey was 5 weeks old when he came into my life, and the last couple of his years were not easy, as is the case of a lot of dogs as they age. Between the new job, the long hours and on top of the loss of Casey; Beau’s accident was almost too much. I wasn’t ready, to deal agai

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