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I recently enrolled with Healthy Paws in March 2015. My dogs were 6.5 years old. Last year, one of my pups ruptured a disc in her back. My only concern to the surgeon was to please fix her. After thousands of dollars in bills and a very long recovery, my pup was back in business. I then wondered, what if something else happens to her or my other pup? I researched Pet Insurance for days. After all of my research I found that Healthy Paws was the best out there. I joined Healthy Paws. I was able to email all of the records from my vet and the surgical center. Once all records were submitted and verified I downloaded the Healthy Paws app. I added both of my pups profiles to the app. Oh my dog it was so EASY to submit a claim. Click on HP app, click on New Claim, click on picture of pet, add a photo and hit submit claim. My pup that injured her back last year has had a few boo boo's in the past few months. Every time I submitted a claim, it literally took me 30 seconds. HP takes care of contacting the vet if they have additional questions....I have submitted 13 claims total for both so far. Each time I received a notice when claim was completed within 2 weeks. They are very thorough on providing details on what was covered, how the deductible was applied and the amount of reimbursement being sent. With Healthy Paws you can determine what amount of a deductible you want to have, you set up the % of coverage you have. I went with $250 for each dog and 90% coverage. The monthly payment is VERY reasonable. On October 19th, my Aussie had to have surgery for a ruptured ACL. I picked her up and brought her home on the 20th. As soon as I got home, I submitted her claim. On October 26th, less than a week, I had confirmation that her claim was completed and a reimbursement check was being sent out. I got the check 3 days later!!! A $4,000 surgery cost me less than $400.00. I absolutely without a doubt will never NOT have Healthy Paws pet insurance on my pets. The peace of mind that Healthy Paws have given me is priceless. My pups are my babies. Healthy Paws really does care. They even sent me an email asking me how my pup was doing after surgery. My other dog has not yet met her deductible and I hope she never does. I have told everyone I know who has pets or is thinking about getting a pet about Healthy Paws. I even told my vet about them. Keep in mind, no pet insurance covers pre-existing conditions. There are things that Healthy Paw

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Ruptured ACL surgery
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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