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John and I talked about pet insurance a few times last year, but didn't know anyone else who had it so we weren't sure if it was worth it or not. Fast forward to June, when the universe brought me a horrific story about a friend's experience with dog sitting and the Pet ER that totally rocked my world. I signed the dogs up immediately with Healthy Paws, the insurance we had been considering, and that was that.

Just after Labor Day Appa was playing ball with some friends - trying to be the best, as he does - and he started limping. The limp got worse, so we called our Vet and had it checked out. Keeping fingers crossed that it was just a soft tissue injury, we waited a few more days and it got worse. Back to the Vet.

This week he had surgery to repair his torn cruciate ligament, and we are embarking on a two month recovery followed by two months of rehab. With a 50% chance he'll damage his other leg at some point, our insurance covered $3,400 of a $4,400 hospital bill. On top of that, since this wasn't a pre-existing condition his other legs are covered (heaven forbid) he should tear another.

No one ever plans for a pet emergency, but in this instance having the insurance and knowing we could afford to pursue the best course of treatment available for our Appa made this whole situation just the teensiest bit less stressful.

So, if you are like we were last year and are considering pet insurance but don't know anyone who has it: we have it. We have used it. And we would happily recommend Healthy Paws if you want a plan that covers the unexpected!

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