Thank you Trupanion durung these hard times!

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We've had Trupanion since we got our dog, Ferris, when he was 1.5 y/o. He was born with idiopathic megaesophagus and requires feeding via a g-tube becuase his esophagus doesn't work. Unfortunately this was considered a pre-existing condition and not covered; thus we've encountered much expenses. Alas this is not a burden but an honor to do for our baby.
All was well till recently when he was diagnosed with lymphoma. I was scared because there is no real cure and also because of the costs. I didn't think Trupanion would cover anything and was about to cancel it.

But the Lord takes care of his children. Trupanion covered the sick visits, work up, specialist, hospital stay, medicines and all chemo and immunotherapy treatments!

Thank you Trupanion for helping during these difficult times and letting us concentrate on our baby instead of expenses.

The hospital told us they see numerous pet parents that cancel their insurances rght before horrible/expensive diagnoses and then it's too late; parents don't think they'll ever need it or that Trupanion will cover things.

We're now recommending to everyone to get Trupanion as soon as possible (preferably at young ages) and never to cancel.

Our family and Ferris thank you Trupanion!

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