Misinformation and wasted time.

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First my rates have gone through the roof. I pay half the premium for my dog that is one year younger at Trupanion. Then, I spent over a half hour on the phone with a representative trying to figure out which invoices I submitted already and which I didn't, because it is impossible to tell from website. She informed me that nothing was submitted after April 2015. When I submitted the receipts, the ones from that month were denied as duplicate submissions.

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$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

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Over 8 years

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Posted: 11/17/2015

Laura, I apologize for the frustration it seems you are running into. From your review, I am not really sure what is happening with the policy. I would encourage you to please call into customer care to discuss the issue. Sincerely, Pets Best Customer Care 1-877-738-7237