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My 6-month old Pomeranian puppy, Cruiser, developed a severe underbite and "wry"mouth, where his lower jaw was actually moving to the side, which interfered with his ability to chew.. He would bite me very hard, no matter what I did to break him of the habit. My hands and arms were continually covered with bruises and scabs from where he bit me.
My vet consulted with a veterinary dental specialist in Canada, and the specialist recommended removing all of Cruiser's front teeth on either the top or bottom of his mouth, plus some retained baby teeth that had not dropped out of their own accord. After discussing with my vet, we decided it would be best to remove the front teeth from the upper jaw, so Cruiser's tongue would stay in his mouth.

Since Cruiser was going to be under anesthesia for the procedure, I elected to have him neutered and microchipped at the same time. The entire bill came to just over $1,000.

I submitted the bill to Trupanion. I knew from reading the policy that the neuter and microchipping would not be paid, and the claim would be subject to a deductible of $250 and 90% coinsurance. I purchased this insurance to pay for catastrophic illnesses for my dogs rather than the procedures that would be done on a routine basis.

I was notified by Trupanion three days later that the claim would be paid subject to the terms of the policy. I was amazed at how quickly Trupanion responded! After taking out the deductible and the ineligible items (the neuter and microchipping), Trupanion cut me a check for $414.38.

I am extremely happy as to how this claim was handled, and I'm so glad I bought this insurance for my dogs. Although I certainly could have paid the bill out-of-pocket, it was very nice to have a portion of the bill paid by Trupanion. It's nice to know for the future, Trupanion will be there to help with my veterinary costs. I don't want to have a medical decision for any of my dogs to come down to finances. It's great to know that I won't have to make a decision strictly on that basis.

I am now brushing Cruiser's teeth every day, and an added benefit to having the work done is that his biting has stopped. The vet and I figured that his mouth was hurting so bad that his reaction was to bite to help relieve the pain.

I highly recommend Trupanion!

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