They paid the claim (Most important thing!)

Out of 10

I've had Healthy Paws for a few years and never had to file a real claim until now. Up to this point, they had always processed my small claims quickly, applying them to my yearly deductible (but I never met it for the year).
Recently I had to have a cancerous tumor removed from my dog, resulting in a $1200 vet bill. Healthy Paws processed it quickly and we had a ~$850check (90% coverage - $250 deductible) within a week. They didn't request any extra information or give me any grief at all.

THEN they sent an email checking up on my dog, expressing their sympathy for his tumor and hoped he was doing better. WOW! I've never had an insurance company express ANY concern for my wellbeing so this was a pleasant surprise.

Since I started with Healthy Paws about 2 years ago, my monthly premium has gone up ~16% (my dog is around 8 years old now). This seems pretty good from the research I've done. I HIGHLY recommend Healthy Paws!

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Mix

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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