Healthy Paws Insurance is the best!

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We've never had pet insurance for our shelter adopted dogs but when we got a puppy for the first time, we researched insurance companies. Healthy Paws had by far the best policy and payments with a promise not to raise rate or drop your policy for too many claims. We never thought we would need it but bought it anyway. What a LIFSAVER! This new puppy had recurrent urinary tract infections which resulted in a reconstructive surgery. Treatment/surgery spanned 1.5 yrs with a specialist and she is now healthy and happy. Our vet bills were extremely high and with this insurance, we had no worries about expense or about getting the best and necessary care for our dog. I don't know why anyone would consider any other company; compare the policies and you will see why we are now true believers and fans of Healthy Paws Insurance.

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Urinary tract, vulva
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Chow Chow

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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