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I am a repeat customer. My cat, Tigger, was insured by ASPCA. He developed a rare form of carcinoma and passed away. The bills were steep. ASPCA took care of the claims in a timely manner - no fuss or hassle. I received a phone call from a rep expressing their condolences. Their compassion took me by surprise, but was most welcome.
I adopted Magic, a 9 yr old longhair cat a couple of months later. First thing I did was to inquire with ASPCA as to whether he was too old to insure and he was not. FANTASTIC!Within a couple of months Magic began to experience severe wheezing and coughing fits. The vets did tests and found he had an irritation in his bronchial tubes. Of course there were several tests to arrive at a definitive answer and they were quite pricey. I submitted the claims and within a couple of weeks the claims were paid. All throughout the process the ASPCA insurance company communicated with me via email letting me know the status of the claims. WOW! A company I didn't have to pester to get the information I needed - this is heaven!

I would recommend this company to anyone who treats their pets like family. This company goes above and beyond to help their clients.

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Severe coughing fits and constipation
Claim Amount
Over $1000

American Longhair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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