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I was adopted by a little, lost kitten 2 years ago. He was fine the first year, but in year 2 he developed bladder stones that almost killed him. The vets got him thru the crisis (Thank God!!) but I was saddled with HUGE bills. I asked my vet about pet insurance (in case of future emergencies) and he said that his employer subsidizes Trupanion for all employees. That impressed me. I thought that with "pre-existing" issues it was likely my cat was uninsurable. However, I explored and compared insurances and decided to go with Trupanian. I KNEW they would not cover matters related to his previous condition but I wanted coverage for any future emergencies. Their policy is well documented and easy to understand. I like that the owner is responsible for wellness care. I like that I have control of my deductible/coverage. Unfortunately, my cat had another emergency this year. He was critical once more but with another ailment. However, he rallied with the excellent care of his vets once again.
Trupanion kept me apprised of his claims regularly. I knew when they received the claim, if they needed information from the vet, the results of the claim and how much I would be reimbursed. If a procedure was not covered, I was advised of that AND where it is in their policy literature.
These people are ROCK STARS!! Without their excellent coverage and prompt resolution, I would have to make a very difficult decision about my pet. I simply cannot afford exorbitant bills even though I love this little guy with all my heart.
Friends tell me that my cat is lucky to have me. Well, I'm lucky to have him AND Trupanion.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

American Longhair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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