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When we insured our two dogs with Helathypaws, we never thought we were actually going to need them as much as we did. Then, the unexpected happened. And unfortunately happened twice.
In August of 2013, while driving home from the dog park, the rear hatch of our BMW X3 released by itself, and opened the tailgate of the car. I was driving, and while I immediately slammed on the brakes, our female german shepherd fell out at almost 50 mph. In the fall she broke her front arms, was covered in lacerations and abrasions, and broke her front teeth. We immediately rushed her to the ER, where they were thankfully able to save her and repair most of the damage. It took a total of over 2 years, and part of the recovery (dental) is still ongoing. Immediately, the bills started to pile up, to the tune of thousands and thousands of dollars. I filed my first claim with HealthyPaws, and I had a check in my hands in less than 2 weeks. That has been true ever since for every treatment of our shepherd.

The unexpected hit our family again in December of 2015, when our Boerboel suddenly showed signs of lack of appetite. When we brought him to the vet, we thought that he may have had a stomach bug, because at 4 years old, he was strong and otherwise healthy. What we learned that day was that instead he had a very rare form of leukemia. And an acute form of that. Within a few hours he was needing a transfusion of blood, and 48 hours later he unfortunately passed while Drs were trying to do everything possible to save him.

The devastation of loosing our sweet boy on that ER table was unbearable. Yet, the reality of the financial bills associated with his treatment, was still there. We had bills for over 6,000 dollars!

We compiled the records and sent them to the insurance. A few days later, we received a very sweet email. Our claim adjuster had read the medical records and had seen Loui had passed. They sent us a condolence email, and not only did they send us a check, but they also credited our card with the prorated balance of Loui's coverage. Frankly, without their intervention, I do not know when I would have been able to actually cancel his plan.

In short, in 2012, when we signed up, we never thought we'd have used them...but we thought "why not?". They have proven to be nicer than one could ever expect from an insurance company, and they have shown, time and time again, to be an outstanding service. Truly cannot recommend them enough.

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traumatic accident
Claim Amount
Over $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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