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My pet Maggie was diagnosed in Sept with a Corneal Ulcer. I just received a letter, regarding my claim for this visit, indicating that I did not meet my $200 deductible which I fully expected. What I did not expect, was that my plan renewed on Dec 12 and I will now need to pay another $200 deductible for this same condition as Maggie is still having the same eye issue and I need to return to the Vet with her. There have been other issues where PetPlan has not paid for one reason or another. I think they just like to collect payments from pet owners but they are most reluctant to part with any money to cover illnesses. I work with shelters and pet owners and I go out of my way to NOT recommend PetPlan. To expect another deductible for the same medical issue is unacceptable just due to poor timing on my plan renewal.

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 03/04/2016

Regarding paying a second deductible on the same illness. Deductibles are determined on a yearly basis, not illness basis. This is the same as human insurance.

Posted: 05/09/2016

I agree with Roberta. We knew from day one that if our pet was being treated for a chronic condition, the deductible would renew every year. They made that clear from day one and is in the policy. I'm sorry you were caught off guard by it.