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In the few years we've had our dog, we were fortunate enough to have Healthy Paws, but never had to use it. Then, one day, our dog suddenly couldn't use his back legs, and so we rushed him to the hospital. Turned out, he had four herniated discs and required surgery right away. Our total bill came out to be over $7700 for the surgery and the two nights/three days stay at the hospital. We paid it first, then submitted the claim.
Since it was our first claim submission, they asked for all of our dog's medical records and said that it may take up to ten business days to process. Well, they got it done in just a few days AND told me they'd reimburse me accordingly to the plan I selected [which was a $250 deductible, and they'd cover 70%]. I was relieved!

On top of that, I would get emails from representatives, asking me how my dog was doing. Not, "How's your dog, by the way, email me this and that." Nope, the email's sole purpose was just to follow up on how the surgery went, how the recovery's going, etc.

I always recommend that pet owners get pet insurance, and I'll always name drop Healthy Paws.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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