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I have had Trupanion for ~ 8 months to cover my Great Dane. Given what I was going to pay for him and the various things he could be prone to, I felt like insurance was prudent. I did an absolute ton of research into all of the major companies. I weighed all of the pros/cons -- there's no one company that's perfect (example: I really wish Trupanion had some form of coverage for at least a portion of the exam), but for what I needed Trupanion seemed best. I was amazed at how for each and every company (to include Trupanion), there were reviews that said they were absolutely fantastic and others that said they'd rather lose their right arm than go with this company again. I can honestly say that thus far, my experience has been perfect. I have a zero deductible plan. I go to the vet and pay my bill. My vet submits the claim to Trupanion for me (the claim form takes about 10 seconds to fill out) and voila: a check for 90% of what's covered arrives in the mail. No hassles, questions, resubmissions or attempts to hide behind tricky language so as not to pay. I get an email to say they've received my claim and another that says the check's on the way. I've probably submitted 5-6 claims thus far and have yet to have a problem. I can honestly say I've been very satisfied. Even their phone people were nice when I called

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Skin problem



Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Great Dane

Age of Pet
Under a year

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