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24PetWatch had great customer service when I was signing up, but once you push the button for existing customers in their automated system, you wait on hold, usually for 25 - 30 minutes. I was very disappointed in their lack of response both when I mailed and emailed the required medical reports to set up my cat's insurance. Even when I contacted them, I found the reps 1) do not have voice mail, so you can’t leave a message when they don’t respond to emails, 2) have no information on the status of issues, so they have to email an underwriter and put you on hold while waiting for a response, and 3) they can be rude. When I pointed out to one rep that their chip -- which was implanted in my cat at the shelter before I adopted him -- could not be reprogrammed if I decided to go with another insurance company, she said "You want to subject your cat to surgery!" and I said, No, you are doing that as other companies allow their chips to be reprogrammed. Please do not insult me." They also came up with bogus "preexisting conditions". For example, my Banfield Vet Plan pays for a teeth cleaning every year. 24PetWatch then claimed that the cat had "tartar" and would be permanently exempted from any dental coverage! And as he had one small case of diarrhea when he was admitted to the shelter (which is very common due to stress and food changes) he would be denied coverage for this for two years. Very unfair and self-serving of them. Their forms are confusing, and there is little clarification on their website as to what your actual coverage is for various plans. After the year I have paid for is over, I am going to switch to another insurance company, as I see many have better reviews, especially for customer service. I have wasted too much time having to track down issues their customer service department drops the ball on, and I do not appreciate the bait and switch of their coverage denials.

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$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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