Best money every spent!

Out of 10

I gotta admit that at first i was ready to pull the plug on this pet insurance thing. My monthly rates were increasing every year (went up almost $15/month just last year!) i was frustrated and after never having submitted a claim for my 7 1/2 yr old dog i was starting to feel that the money could be better used elsewhere. Thankfully i didnt! My dogs vet bills started adding up and i finally submitted my first 2 claims and had NO difficulty getting reimbursed for my expense. The turn around was unbelieveably fast! I had my first cheque in about a week or a little more! Since I've already paid my deductible for these particular illnesses (which was steep in order to afford the monthly payments!) i can now freely submit claims for additional expenses for these 2 illnesses and be reimbursed 90%. This is a huge relief and piece of mind knowing i will never be put in the position of having to say "its time to let him go because i just simply cannot afford this anymore". Thats gotta be the worst feeling ever! But reality IS that many ppl face this issue every day. I would never want finances be the determining factor as to whether my pet lives.. Or dies. I am now a HUGE advocacy for pet insurance.. I talk to everyone about it! I will NEVER own a pet without it ever again!
Also wanted to add that the reps and agents are incredibly helpful ( know who you are)..friendly..and not pushy at all

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Urinary issues... OCD of both hocks
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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