A Root Canal for my Cat???

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When I was told that my Maine Coon, Simba, had a badly damaged canine and that a Root Canal was recommended, I was floored. Who ever heard of such a thing? Can't it just be pulled? Well, but if I did take that action it was likely that the bottom tooth (long and sharp) would cut into the jaw above and cause an infection. The cracked canine was cracked down to the pulp.
We decided to go for it. What was, after all, the alternative? We love our cat and he's a member of our family, so we went ahead and got the surgery done. I'm sure he doesn't know the difference, but I sleep better at night knowing he's not in danger of a brain infection. But the bill!!! Wow. It came to roughly $2,000. I sent in his records to Pet Plan not hoping for much but was delighted to receive a check for over $1400. Some of the charges were not covered and I expected that. But didn't expect to receive so much. Needless to say, we're delighted. Thank you Pet Plan!

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Cracked and chipped canine.
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Over $1000

Maine Coon

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1 - 8

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