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These days, health care costs for humans are unbelievably high, which is pretty much the same for health care costs for our beloved furry companions. We, personally, would do anything to keep our kitty safe and in good health, which is why we purchase Petplan insurance. Pet insurance can make the difference between a life and death decision. Costs for care can soar into the thousands (per personal experience) and many times, people cannot afford this care. Sadly, the decision is ultimately made to euthanize. Having this insurance ensures us that we will never hesitate to approve expensive care, if needed, for our beloved kitty, Missie. She is the love of our lives, and we want her to continue to bring such joy to us for years to come. Recently, a rather routine teeth cleaning for her turned into a more serious procedure. She had developed periodontal disease and needed some surgery. Thanks to Petplan insurance, after our deductible, we were reimbursed 100% of the remaining costs. Their customer service is Excellent!!! Although this was not a "catastrophic" event requiring thousands of dollars in care, it most certainly helped since we are on fixed incomes, and every unexpected expense puts quite a "dent" in our income. She is a senior cat, and we will most certainly continue to purchase Petplan insurance to keep her as safe and with us for as long as humanly possible. She is like a daughter to us.

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Periodontal disease
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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