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Our 5 month old puppy suffered a tibial tuberosity avulsion. Total cost was $3000 and our out of pocket expense was $800. This was the best part about having Embrace, they actually pay for claims rather than claim they are going to pay then find any and all loopholes not to pay. Submitting the documentation was easy, however, there was some miscommunication in getting the claim paid. I received a notification that Embrace reached out to the surgical facility and our routine vet's office for additional information and was under the impression this was being taken care of. I called both offices (after 10 business days) to ensure they sent the information that was requested yet both offices reported not receiving any notification from Embrace. Both offices sent the additional information and I waited 2 weeks in hopes the claim would be paid and nothing happened. I then called and asked why it was taking so long (at this time a month had passed)and within 24 hrs the claim status changed and we received our reimbursement in 2 weeks. If I did not have to call everyone multiple times to ensure someone was working on the claim, I would have given a better review.

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tibial tuberosity avulsion
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Over $1000

Portuguese Water Dog

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Under a year

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