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Our 4 year lab grew cataracts overnight in her right eye, causing blindness within a short week. Her left eye had a small cataract blooming and we were off to the eye doctor for immediate help to ensure we were getting the best care for her. Her eye doctor determined she was a good candidate for cataract surgery and when I called Healthy Paws to make sure it was covered,since it was a big surgery for both eyes, and they assured me that anything related to the diagnostic, medication, surgery and follow up/maintenance care would all be covered in her policy - minus our portion. Her Pre-op claim was submitted on 8/5, processed/paid on 8/9. Her surgery claim was submitted on 8/9, processed and paid on 8/9. With an accumulated charege over $4700, I am being reimbursed $4200 of it - and that is only because our annual deductible is due.. outstanding!! I don't think i have ever waited longer than 4 days to receive a check - the turn around is that fast. Whether the vet submits or I submit online myself, Healthy Paws communicates every process from claim received, claim in process and finally the EOB. Outstanding! If there are any questions about reimbursement that aren't already readily available on the EOB, the service folks are always willing to assist and perform their duties with skill, knowledge and personality! You actually speak to a person with compassion and understanding and kindness! They take the financial worry out of our vet care and allow us to make sure our babies have every option available to them, no matter the injury or illness. It is so nice to get an email from a claims person making sure that our baby is ok after processing a claim. An actual inquiry, like they know us! Personalized service, excellent coverage, outstanding turnaround - I don't think there are enough words to express how fortunate we are to have HP coverage...truly, awesome !!

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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