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I adopted a shelter cat in late October of 2015 and enrolled her in Embrace. She had been an abused cat and was nervous and untrusting and quick to try to bite. She seemed to groom frequently but I attributed this to nervousness and gave her love and fish oil supplements for her coat. Her coat improved and grew much thicker and shinier but she appeared to still be over-grooming and itchy so I took her to my vet in January of 2016, well after the policy wait period. There was no diagnosis but pruritis which is a symptom, not even a condition. I submitted my claim to Embrace and it was denied as a pre-existing condition stating that nothing related to itchiness would ever be covered. This is absurd. They could not find anything in her record which indicated that she ever had anything so the very fact that I mentioned to my vet that she seemed to groom a lot prompted Embrace do deny my claim even though she did not see a vet until more that two months after I enrolled her in Embrace. They will do anything to deny your claim. The policy states a pre-existing condition is anything that is diagnosed prior to the waiting period. Nothing was diagnosed prior to the waiting period yet my claim has been denied. DO NOT INSURE YOUR PET WITH THIS COMPANY WHICH HAS APPARENTLY BEEN SOLD AND CHANGED UNDERWRITERS.

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Domestic Mediumhair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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