Will NEVER be without pet insurance again

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After spending $7,000 on our beloved cat 3 years ago, who died from kidney disease, I thought hmmmm I think I should check into health insurance for the pets. I researched many plans extensively. I wanted a plan that paid for the big things. I don't need a plan that covers their yearly check up or vaccinations - those are cheap. I needed a plan that covers the problems that cost way more than my car is worth. I chose Petplan because of their customer reviews and the amount of coverage they offer. Last Wednesday my 5 yo cat had an 8mm bladder stone surgically removed. The bill was over $1000. What a HUGE relief to not have to worry about it. (Can you imagine going to the vet's office, getting a $1,000+ bill, and not having that awful feeling in your stomach because you're worried about how you can afford it?) Less than a week later and they've already put my check in the mail. And now they have an app where I can file my claim right in the vet's office if I want. I tell EVERYONE with pets that they need to get pet insurance. They all tell me they'll check into it and then they don't. Then they end up with a bill that runs several thousands of dollars and they ALL tell me "I should have listened to you." Sign up for pet insurance and then YOU can be the one writing a review like this because you're not $1,000+ in the hole because your pet needed unexpected surgery.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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