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When we adopted Gabby we made it a goal for her to get a check up twice a year. Back in March, this went off without a hitch, and we received prompt payment out of our wellness benefits, and there were no health concerns.
In October we took Gabby in for her second check up. The vet noted that she needed her teeth cleaned and that she had a growth on her stomach. So, about a week later at the vets suggestion, we took Gabby back to have her teeth cleaned and have the growth removed.

We faxed the receipts and itemized invoices both times. About a week after the first claim, I got a message that the claim was pending because they needed medical records. I messaged Embrace back with the name and number of the only two vet offices Gabby has been seen at as well as how many appoints and when she had them there. A week later I got the same, generic message on the second claim about needed more information. Two weeks after that, both claims were closed due to lack of information. I just think to my self that since February, we're probably paid Embrace around $700, which happened to be about what Gabby's bills totaled too. It leaves me with the feeling that Embrace is a company much like any other, interested solely in profits.

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Periodontal Diesease & Mammary Cyst
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Under $100

Mixed Breed

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Over 8 years

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Posted: 01/05/2016

Rachel, I took a look at Gabby's claims situation and I see that all of Gabby’s claims have been covered. It took much longer to complete than normal because we had to request her medical history from the vet several times (several faxes and at least two phone calls to the vet) and so we did not receive all we needed until December, after you wrote this review. I'm glad we could finally get everything wrapped up for you. Going forward, new claims won't take so long now that we have the medical history in hand.