Vet bills are as expensive as people bills.

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A few years ago, I looked into health insurance for our little poodle, Carley. She was only 7 and perfectly healthy. But a friend of mine had just gone through a bout of cancer with one of her dogs and she spent about $5,000 out of pocket. That's when I realized that if something happened to our Carley, I didn't want any decisions to be made because of money, I wanted them to be made by the Vet and me and my husband and for what's best for our little girl. I hear horror stories all the time about broken bones, broken backs, etc. so the small monthly fee is worth the piece of mind that if ever any accident or illness should befall our Carley, we could hopefully pay for it. Unfortunately, we've had to use it twice this year and both times were very easy to file and get paid for the claims. Thank you, PetPlan, you truly are the best!!!!

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Over 8 years

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