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I never could have imagined that at his age of ~ 9 months we would be starting the process of collecting documentation to file a medical claim for our new puppy. I mean, who expects big medical bills with a puppy? But, it turned out that our beloved boy needed surgery to correct a severe elbow dysplasia problem.
Many doctor visits, including specialists, x-rays, and other diagnostics passed and we started to become concerned regarding the amount of bills we were accumulating, wondering if PetPlan would be there for us.

It turns out that there was no need for worry. After submitting all of the proper documentation, about 2.5 weeks passed before we had a check for >$2,600.00. This was minus the 20% co-pay and %200.00 deductible. What a relief!!

We did not purchase PetPlan for the everyday costs of maintaining a healthy dog, but rather for catastrophic emergency costs, and for this, they easily met or exceeded our expectations. No insurance scam here; PetPlan delivers!

Thanks, PetPlan!!

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Skye Terrier

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