Worth Every Penny

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With the icy winter in New England this year it proved to be a bad combination for our 9 y/o Puggle. Typically the 'rock' of our two dogs she has never got sick or needed surgery.. until this year. She slipped on the ice and did some damage to her knee which required major knee surgery. All through the process we submitted our invoices through the website and after we submitted the final surgery invoice we had a approval from the claims department that the check was in the mail - under 3 days from submitting! We've had Healthy Paws for over 5 years with both our dogs. We tell people about Healthy Paws all the time and even though some people think we are crazy for having pet insurance... between this surgery on our Puggle and the hospitalizations for our 12 y/o Pug over the past few years it has proved to be the best thing we could possibly do for our dogs (and our peace of mind). Cannot speak highly enough about Healthy Paws!

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Over 8 years

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