Should be called Peace of Mind Insurance

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I can't tell enough positives about Embrace Pet Insurance. It truly gives the pet owner peace of mind. No longer do I have to worry about their wellness checkups or their dental health. Embrace takes care of everything they need...including heart worm medication and over the counter medications for bad breath. I am so relieved to have selected Embrace insurance for both my pugs. After having many, many medical bills for my previous pug, I decided that my two new adopted pugs would be covered by something. I happen to see an Embrace place mat at my vet's and came home and checked out the insurance. I decided right then and there to get coverage for Phoebe and Piper. This is my second year with Embrace and I am extremely happy with this company. The claims are handled immediately and the customer is notified via email immediately. The claims I recently submitted were accepted and handled in 4 days. Amazing.
As a Senior with two pets it is a relief to know they can get the same care I get. Is the insurance cheap? No, but it is worth it. You'll never regret getting the Wellness package with dental coverage. Have a question just email and a reply comes almost immediately.

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wellness physical and OTC medication
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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