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I have had insurance coverage on my dog since he was 6 years old. For many, many years, we never had to make a claim, but as he got older, he started having more maladies. My policy is an older policy, and has a 8k reimbursement limit, and over the past 5 years, I have files enough claims that we are just a few hundred dollars away from reaching it. I can honestly say that having pet insurance was the best decision I ever made because I never wanted to make a decision regarding my Jack's health based on money.
One downside of this insurance though, is that we take our dog to a top of the line veterinary clinic, so their prices are a bit higher, and the company always gives us less than what we paid. For example, if our Vet charged $300 for an X-Ray, ASPCA would reimburse us based on an X-Ray fee of $250, stating that the $250 cost is more customary to our area.

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