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This is a review for several recent claims. We have a $1,000 deductible / $15,000 annual coverage / 90% coverage after deductible policy for ourrescue dog. For anyone who wonders if they can afford pet insurance: two comments....with Embrace, when something happens to your beloved family member you will not be worrying about cost of care.....and, the higher deductible policy is VERY affordable on a monthly basis. Yes, you will have a deductible to meet, BUT if your pet needs surgery, cancer care, etc etc the cost will FAR exceed that. For us, Gabby, who has always been healthy, went in for a check of several "bumps" on her skin. We keep a close eye on these as they can be cancer or simply a cyst. Until the vet aspirates some cells and sends to lab, you do NOT know! One of Gabby's bumps came back mast cell tumor and she had surgery the next day. This is extensive removal of great amount of surrounding tissue! But, they got all of it (margins of removed skin came back "clean") and it was graded early stage 2 cancer which has good prognosis. The size of the area removed was large and it was necessary to build a skin flap from surrounding excess skin. With that came a risk of part of the flap losing its blood supply and dying which is what happened, so she had another surgery to cut out dead skin and, very fortunately, the surgeon was able to pull skin together without making another skin flap. SO.....we had claims for 2 surgeries, lab work, office visits and several medications. Total claims have been close to $3,000 to date. Embrace has processed everything within 7-10 days of receiving from vet (they are much faster to process than vet is to fax claim!) ALL claims have been completely "covered" with NO problems!!! The deductible was met and this week Embrace deposited into our checking account EVERYTHING (less our 10% responsibility) exceeding the deductible..... so far (over $1,900)! In fact, they sent e-mails in the morning to explain how things had been covered and the money was in our account the NEXT MORNING!!! This is an outstanding company. They are always super helpful and pleasant on the phone. They deliver exactly what the policy states. And, quickly. They let you know via e-mail where the process is every step of the way. (If you have not gotten an e-mail letting you know the claim has been received, then it's the vet who hasn't submitted it and you know to follow up with vet!) You can access your acct online anytime and see

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