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To be honest, I have always hated insurance companies. My experience with others had me feeling that they took your money, then stalled and made excuses when you needed them. Not so with ASPCA Pet Insurance! They were there for me when I needed them, not just financially, but supportive, personal and caring. The response to my call informing them of a project $3000 breast cancer surgery for my 11 year old Siamese was, That's what we're here for. You just get Goth what she needs." The repayment was prompt, without red tape, and directly deposited to my bank account. Then they phoned to find out how she was doing! My daughter's comment was, "Wow! That's like having your human Heath Insurance adjuster someone whose kid has leukemia!" She's right. We ended up far over our yearly limit, but that's okay. The $3000 they covered meant I still had funds to cover the complications that arose.A final note: if you get a female kitten, get her spayed before the age of six months! I could have spared Goth all this pain. I didn't know and I wanted to breed her. I can't undo my mistake, but I can spread the word.

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