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Out of 10

I am not sure how long I have had this insurance but it has been since we got Bella. The policy has always been fair, always notified us of any changes, increases in premiums and it has been fair in payouts for claims. I am happy with this policy and intend to keep it. It has been especially gracious in payments during the current Cushions disease that Bella has had since Oct 2015 and I do appreciate that.

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Cushions Disease
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 04/22/2016

My pet was diagnosed with cushings and all medical bills and medication were covered until the contract renewed. However, I was never made aware of the fact that once it renewed, this would be considered a "pre-existing" illness and therefore anything to do with cushings would not be covered. I have tried to work with this company to continue coverage or at the very least, to change their policy but they won't. How they can use the aspca name is beyond me. When asked if they were affiliated with the ASPCA non-profit, one of their reps told me they are NOT the ASPCA, they are an insurance company. I guess that says it all. Appeals to their CEO have not helped. Good luck. I was a loyal customer for 8 years but it did not matter.