Banfield - auto-pay scam

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Canceling: I had Banfields insurance for 2 years and paid for the full year each time. When I did not renew, they started charging monthly on my AmEx. card - auto-pay. I personally visited Banfield’s Pet Hospital in Phoenix, twice in order to resolve the charges on my AmEx. card. During the first visit in July, I was told to call an 800 number for any billing issues. I called the “billing issues” Service. It went to a voice mail (after hours) so I left a voice message and contact information. No returned call. At one of the visits, I was informed it could be an auto-pay, and I stated I don’t do autopay on my AmEx card and did not authorized this. I received a letter from Banfield’s Billing department with a different contact 800 service number. In the letter, the Banfield was continuing to bill me monthly. I received another letter on 11/20/15 from Banfield’s billing service department. Again, the amount had increased. I called the billing service number on Nov. 3, 2015 and again, express that I did not want the insurance and that I did not authorized auto billing. I received another Banfield billing letter dated 11/20/15 with the amount continuing to increase. I followed up with a letter dated 12/1/15 (attached named: Banfield 1), expressing my frustration with Banfield’s representatives and did not want the pet insurance. I received another from Banfield on 1/21/16 with a more threating tone and stated the amount now owed was $107.80; continuing to increase each month. January 26, 2016, I called the number on that letter in order to resolve this issue and stated again, I did not want the insurance and stated “cancel, cancel, cancel.” (I have a witness to this call) and I also asked during this call to the representative, why didn’t the representative that I spoke to on the November 3 call cancel the insurance as requested. He stated something to the fact that he and other representative cannot while there is a balance due. That did not make sense to me. January 26, 2016, I followed up with a letter (attached “Banfield 2”) again outlying all the attempts to stop Banfield from continuing to bill me monthly. I event sent a check for the $107.80, just to stop the harassment and to keep my good name and credit rating. They had not cashed the check and around March 17th, I received a letter from a collection agency and I am now starting to receive phone calls for the collection agency.

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attempts to cancel and auto-pay
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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