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It has been our experience that Trupanion will stall as much as possible and do as much as possible not to pay out a claim.
We first contacted Trupanion to request that a CT Scan for our dog be pre-approved - BIG MISTAKE!!!

Because (pre-scan) dysplasia could not be ruled out, we had to pay upfront for the CT Scan. It took two months to get this confirmation from Trupanion that the Scan could not be pre-approved upfront. In the interim - we had to watch our dog struggle and were eating the cost of regular anti-inflammatory pills.

In early February 2016, a CT Scan and orthopaedic vet confirmed that our dog had an acute injury (no evidence of dysplasia whatsoever) treatable by orthopaedic brace (which has corrected his limp completely and he will only need to be wear it for another 2 months).

We forwarded the full package with report and invoice the very next day to Trupanion and it is now April and every time we call Trupanion for a status update they give us another excuse as to why they cannot make payment - i.e. we need to translate the documents, we need another report from your vet to populate his file for a completely unrelated injury from three years ago (which has nothing to do with the present claim)etc.....it is amazing to me just how far they will go to try to avoid payment - i.e. connecting lethargy from a throat infection from August 2016 to our dog's acute injury from late October 2016.

To be honest - we would of been better served creating a savings account for this purpose. We are really disappointed in the way our file has been bumped around and neglected. I don't know whether this has been the experience for others - but in my experience the 100$ we pay a month is not worth this aggravation.

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acute injury - CT scan reimbursement
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Airedale Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 04/14/2016

Hello Barbara, I understand your concerns surrounding the claims processing time. I can reassure you we must gather complete medical records for your pet in order to accurately process any type of claim. We do keep your pets records on file for future claims. I hope your pup is feeling better and please don’t hesitate to call 855.210.8746 if you have any questions regarding your policy. You will be notified with updates and when the claim is completed.
Kind regards,
Molly C