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After hours of research, we decided on Petplan coverage when we brought our new puppies home about a year ago. Our priority was to get the puppies covered from the outset so that when they are seniors, the insurance would be there when we really needed it. Unfortunately, we have had to use the coverage already -- and fortunately, we have discovered that we definitely made a great choice when we enrolled our pets in Petplan.
We found ourselves at an emergency ER when our German shepherd became lethargic and suddenly stopped eating and drinking. That turned out to be the tip of the iceberg. Less than two weeks following emergency surgery for an intestinal obstruction, she developed intestinal torsion (twisting). After becoming one of the less than 1% to survive intestinal torsion, she developed a drug-resistant E. coli infection.

Throughout our ordeal, Petplan was there. The costs were such that we would have lost our puppy. But I didn't have to worry about that prospect. I focused on coordinating our puppy's care, submitting our claims as efficiently as possible, and learning more than I ever wanted to know about the intestinal system of canines. We received reimbursement for our first claim within two weeks of bringing her home from the hospital.

Although we experienced some administrative glitches in some of our related claims (reps did not receive all of the documents sent in a single email), "Happiness Manager" Brody Gimbel worked closely with me. He called the animal hospital on our behalf to ensure we had complete medical records, worked with a supervisor so that I could be assured that the claims were complete and ready to process, and personally sorted through all of our paperwork late one Friday afternoon -- all with a professional and helpful attitude.

So many times when dealing with various companies, it seems employees can hardly wait to tell you that they can't help you. Brody Gimbel and the others we have dealt with at Petplan have been all about doing what it took to address my concerns.

Teresa Foden

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German Shepherd

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