PetPlan did what I hoped they said they would do!

Out of 10

My 14 year old Bearded Collie had illness called ITP, which degraded his beautiful body's rear legs, eventually leading up to a state of incontinence and very low quality of life. He could not even comfortably ride in the car which he loved OR walk safely outside the door. His medical regiment required massage, electro-magnetic therapy, acupuncture and PetPlan reliably paid their share of this efficiently and cheerfully. They paid their share of all meds prescribed. It was a wild ride, taking 3 - 5 full days a week for well over 1 year and PetPlan people never disappointed me, not only paying for their share but taking the time to explain any questions which I rarely had, since their performance was as reliable as I hoped it would be, if I needed it, when I took the policy out well over 10 years prior. There are insurance you companies you buy, so you can say "you have insurance" and there are insurance companies that pay. PetPlan Inc pays.

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ITP an immune system disease
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Bearded Collie

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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