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I do not have children with 2 legs. I have children with 4 legs. :) My dogs are my world. I spare nothing when it comes to them and their health. I HAVE NEVER seen a company like VPI/Nationwide. I wish human ins worked so generously and so easily. I have had two dogs need to utilize their pet ins. My 3 year old Rhodesian mix (rescue) suffered a torn ACL and the bill was close to 6,000.00 dollars. My cost was around 1500.00 and I was able to make payments through an interest free credit card. My 11 year od is experiencing an array of issues that have taken quite a bit of testing to determine the diagnosis. At this point it sounded like Cushings. My out of pocket cost for the ultra sound, blood work, diagnostic tests, 700.00. My cost, NOTHING! Fully covered. I can TRULY take care of my companions without the fear of not being able to afford it. This company is AMAZING. I was a customer of Pets Best and in the 5 years I had it, I believe they paid me 10.00 once. I will say, for the difference in money, Ive gone with the top plan they offer. Im not sure how much a difference this makes, but if you can afford it, I would say without question, DO THIS,......YOU WONT REGRET IT. ( if by chance you reside in the Phoenix area, Dr Stevens at Sun Burst Animal Hospital is also, THE BEST I'VE EVER SEEN. Their prices are totally fair and he is EXCEPTIONAL. :) (JUST MY PLUG FOR SOMEONE VERY DESERVING)

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Torn ACL
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