Horrible for Holistic/Homeopathic

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They do not keep a holistic vet on staff, nor do they consult with one during a claim. Despite this, they do offer a rider for an extra cost that allows holistic "treatments" to be covered. Unfortunately, since they only let a conventional vet (who does not understand or believe in the holistic method) see the claim they do not cover any treatments and claim that they are all "consultations" or "exams". They end up only covering the herbs used to treat a condition (they have never cost more than $6 for me out of pocket). On top of this, it takes them months to process a claim. Not happy with this coverage. Also, since my puppy had "loose stool" in her notes during the waiting period (she had been shipped from California to Michigan away from everything she knew) they would not cover any GI tract related issues (3 months later she had explosive diarrhea). I am planning on switching to Embrace who claim that they will cover GI tract issues after 12 months of no symptoms.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 08/28/2015

To Trupanion: if you are going to cover holistic, you BETTER consult with a holistic vet! It's absolutely stupid and irresponsible of you to not do so. I've had a holistic vet for 3 years. Regular vets are CLUELESS about holistic Would you go to your regular doctor to treat your cancer? As much as Trupanion has been great in working with my claims, I am surprised how you are handling holistic medicine. Completely unfair.