Pet Insurance is a MUST

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I have long since wondered why we are so willing to insure ourselves and our 2 legged children, but not our 4 legged children. Working in the pet industry for 30 years, and coming from a country where we do not pay for our medical expenses, yet we do insure our pets, it is a no brainer to me.
Trupanion offer 30 days free (in the truest sense of no credit card required etc) coverage, which is beyond invaluable.
I know for even me working in this industry my pets do not go uninsured and Trupanion has made that a much easier process than Pet Plan, a company I have used in the past.
My claims are paid quickly and directly to the clinic. My veterinarian is willing to work with me on paying as I have insurance.
Our kitten has a $0 deductible as she was insured from 6 weeks old. Add that to the wellness program she has with TotalBond, and everything is taken care of - all I have to find is the 10% as the exam fees are all included in the wellness plan.
Huge sigh of relief for me each time one of them is sick.

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hindlimb weakness
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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