horribly disappointed

Out of 10

I had hoped that after I had taken the time to contact several board members and speak to the CEO not just one year when I was unable to be permitted to speak to a human being on the phone, but the SECOND TIME THIS HAPPENED I was given a salesman who gave me the usual bullsh** salesman treatmemt, I felt so abused, like a rape victim (after being raped by four of my ex-husbands criminal gangster cousins, I think I might have an understanding of how this feels.) So this was not such a nice experience. I don't like this company too much, I don't feel that I am getting such a good value for my $171 per month. Not so much, and no I still cannot speak to a real person on the telephone they just hang up on me and treat me like dirt and that phony saleman is full of beans.

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