The ASPCA does not care about your dog.

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Do not buy ASPCA pet insurance. My 5-year old dog had $5,000 ACL surgery after he started limping in May. Brought him to our vet, they said he may have arthritis, but to see a surgeon just in case. We took him 10 days later. They diagnosed him with a torn ACL. We got his surgery, then submitted a claim. The ASPCA decided not to pay for it (after paying $45/month for 5 years) because his "diagnosis" and surgery were in different "billing periods."
Our dog saw the vet May 5, saw the surgeon May 15, and the billing period roll-over was May 10. Our vet, who we saw on May 5, didn't diagnose him -- the surgeon did, which technically means the diagnosis and surgery were in the same billing period, both after May 10. However, the ASPCA claims they count our vet seeing his "symptoms" as the official diagnosis.

If this sounds ridiculous, it's because it is. The ASPCA will do whatever it can to not pay for your dog. They don't care about you. They don't care about animals. Do not buy their insurance.

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ACL tear
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Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

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1 - 8

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