Thank goodness for Healthy Paws!!!!

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I cannot say enough about Healthy Paws!!! From day 1 they have covered everything from my Bullmastiff's allergy treatment to his recent gastric indiscretion which required major surgery! Thanks to Healthy Paws I can take him to the best hospitals and say "Do what ever it takes to make him well and I don't care how much it costs." Used to be a vet tech nan emergency and critical care practice and I saw so many people have to make the decision to put their pet down because there was not enough money for the necessary treatment. I swore I would never have to make that choice. Healthy Paws pays promptly, does not argue or try to weasel out of paying, and they are always happy to talk to me if I have questions. I just signed up my new puppy with them and now I know that she is covered if anything should happen. I LOVE not having to worry about them in terms of their medical care. I know that Healthy Paws has my back!

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He went trash can surfing and ate corn cobs.
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1 - 8

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