Trupanion is Stella's lifesaver - truly :)

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When my son brought home Stella, I fell in love with her !! I never had the opportunity to have a dog at home - I was a single Mom and always running around to soccer and karate with Ryan, working full time and on the weekends and we just couldn't devote the time to a dog. Well, Ryan was now all grown up and graduated from college and needed to move home for a little while and he brought home Stella - a 5 month old brindle English Bulldog. Thank God my vets at South Federal Animal Hospital told me about Trupanion. I immediately signed Stella up with your company and you have been helping me keep her well for over 3 years now. I didn't know the English Bulldog breed at all - all the issues they have - I thank Trupanion everyday for being there for me - Trupanion pays claims timely and with no hassle at all - just ensure that all the forms are completed and proper documentation is attached. I recommend Trupanion to everyone I meet, especially if they own an English Bulldog or any of the bullie breeds. I feel I have a true companion and advocate for Stella in the "Trupanion" family. I will gladly pay my monthly fee to Trupanion, to continue to receive the best care for Stella. I will take the time to write a formal letter to Trupanion, but for now, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart - your company is wonderful and a Godsend !!!!

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