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My dogs have been covered for many years by this insurance. They haven't had claims until this year. Two of my dogs have had many claims this year, unfortunately. PetsBest was paying them and that helped a lot, but they have suddenly decided to reject a claim for treatment that they have been covering. They delayed the claim a couple times and then said it won't be paid because the chiropractor isn't working under the license of a vet which is not true. The chiropractor works at the vet's office, under his license and the two of them took the vet chiropractic training together. They did cover the first few treatments and then suddenly changed their mind. I'll be filing an appeal, but I am annoyed because it seems like they are just trying to delay and waste my time in hopes that I will just forget about it. After paying for this insurance for 6 years, I won't be forgetting about it.

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arthritis in spine
Claim Amount
Under $100

Poodle (toy)

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 10/13/2015

Hi Jodi, After further review, your claim has been overturned on appeal. Based on the policy language we’ve made an exception and your claim has been reimbursed.

Pets Best Customer Care