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Your increase of $100 PER QUARTER is abusive, insulting and insane!!!!! You are supposed to be helping people give their pets the best option, NOT taking all their money just in case they my possibly make a claim sometime in the future!! Your obscene increase is selfish and just used to increase the profit of some on the backs of those of us who love our pets.You're no different than the funeral industry! I am looking at some other reviews and many of us are saying the same thing. HEAR US OR GO OUT OF BUSINESS!!!! Believe me, in this day and hard times, you will be the first luxury to be cancelled if we have to choose between that or gas, food, home insurance, car payment, almost anything because the increase is just not affordable! I NEVER had a serious claim other than the wellness checks. JUSTIFY THE OBSENE INCREASE!! Not that you care, not only am I canceling, but 8 other people, so far, have cancelled policies with you because of this and I am not done spreading the word yet. As someone who works with a lot of people with animals, I have stopped referring them to you. Again, not that you care.

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Posted: 08/24/2015

Oh I am so with you...it happens when your pet becomes a senior. My premium increased over 100% one year and almost 60% the following year. They claimed it was due to a new underwriter realizing our rates were not in line with others and it was dependent on area/regional veterinary costs. I promise my vets fees went up that high. No vets fees would increase like that or they would go out of business. The problem you get into is you get stuck because your senior pets now have pre-existing conditions. I used to refer folks to Pets Best. Not anymore.

Posted: 08/27/2015

Thank you for bringing your concern to our attention, Ms. Ryan-Apuzzo. We can certainly understand your frustration with the price increases. We would never want to look as though we don’t care about the animals we insure, in addition to their owners who pay the premiums. Price increases come because the market is changing, veterinary care is getting better and more expensive. We feel we offer an excellent and competitively priced product. After looking at your cancelled policy it seems as though there were probably quite a few options for us to modify the coverage and still offer a great benefit for your pets. Our customer service department consistently scores extremely high on the surveys we send out to our existing customers. We are sorry to have lost your business, but hope that any current customers will take advantage of the many affordable options we have available for them. Sincerely, Pets Best Customer Care 1-877-738-7237.

Posted: 09/15/2015

I'm with you! I just got my new policy. Woweee!!!! Nearly doubled from last year to this year for all 3 of my dogs. And that's after the huge increase the previous year. I've never filed a serious claim and have been insured with them for 8 years now. I'm seeing a trend here on the review site on the high increases. Guess they don't value my service.