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My wife and I faced a tragic situation a few years ago that inspired us to research insurance for our dogs. We had an absolutely stunning German Shepherd that embodied all of the virtues associated with the breed: intelligent, loyal, protective and a joy to be around. He was diagnosed with liver cancer when he was only 5. We did not have insurance. While doing everything we could to diagnose his condition we feared that we would be unable to afford the surgery, if surgery was indicated. Sadly, it turned out that his condition was inoperable and all we could do was try to make him as comfortable as possible for the short time he had left. When he died I vowed to make sure we would never face a situation in which treatment of a beloved dog would be financially impossible. It's bad enough to have a horrible sick dog and far worse if you are unable to do anything about it. I found PetPlan online and determined that their products seemed to be the best available. We now have 3 dogs insured with PetPlan. We have turned to PetPlan when one of our dogs required TPLO surgery. We could not have done it without the coverage. Another dog had terrible allergy problems that were making him miserable. With our PetPlan coverage we were able to diagnose his problem and get him in top shape again. We have made numerous claims and PetPlan has always performed as advertised. We whole-heartedly recommend PetPlan to everyone.

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German Shepherd

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