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Over five years ago, as we watched Allie, our very energetic boxer puppy regularly running through our two story house as if stung by a bee and looking at us as if to say catch me if you can we realized we would have our hands full. During a few of those runs, she would have puppy- crashes, where she could not yet control her footing and run full bore into our walls and sliding glass doors; then one day we watched in horror as she leaped over our sofa and into our glass door; we waited expecting she would go through the glass and that we would be whisking her off to the vet. Though she did not go through the glass, the thought of that made us realize she (we) needed medical insurance. After extensive research, we chose Trupanion and have been grateful ever sense.

Luckily, Allie matured to become a 100-lb gentle lady and over the years we've had Allie she never broke through any windows nor had any serious accidents. However, she has been subject to the normal doggie ailments and we have submitted Trupanion insurance claims which have not only been paid promptly, but also with great correspondence, such as prompt notification that claim was received, then a quick notification of the results of the review and the amount we can expect as part of the claim. Within a very short while, the Trupanion check arrives in the mail. We have not had any experience with other companies, but from our over five years of experience with Trupanion, we would strongly recommend covering your pet with this insurance company.

Most recently for a skin problem, the claim was processed within a week and the check in our mailbox within 10-days.

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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