Truly cares about our four-legged kids.

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When we got our mini-Aussie, he came with a month of dog insurance from another pet insurance company. At the end of that month we decided to switch to Healthy Paws based on feedback from our Vet and the fact that they were a local company. We also had a five-year old Corgi at the time and decided to get insurance for her as well. I was surprised at how inexpensive her premium was for a dog that old. About five months after starting her insurance, after several extensive tests and treatments, she was diagnosed with polymiocitis. Over the next year and a half, we incurred an incredible amount of medical bills, bills Healthy Paws didn’t question or hesitate to cover. They never once questioned a medical charge and we received the reimbursement checks for each visit in less than a week. When she passed away, before we even had a chance to contact them to stop the premiums, we got an email offering their condolences and letting us know they had terminated her premium payments. Shortly thereafter we received a sympathy card in the mail signed by their entire staff. We were deeply touched by their thoughtfulness and genuine caring. I cannot imagine a human health insurance company being so responsive and prompt. Not only would I recommend Healthy Paws if someone were to ask me, I will suggest any new pet owner to seriously consider pet insurance and would direct them to Healthy Paws.

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Over $1000

Welsh Corgis

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1 - 8

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